User-centered design workshop toolkit

Produced a user-centered design workshop toolkit and information website to help HCDE K-12 Outreach program become more sustainable.

  • Duration: September 2017 — January 2018
  • Role: Editorial and Web Designer
  • Credits:Elena Agapie
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Help educators teach human-centered design to K-12 students

The University of Washington Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) regularly works with regional K-12 schools on activities such as user-centered design workshop to engage pre-college students and their teachers in the field of human-centered design. It seeks to create a guide reference for new, upcoming educators who will be leading workshops.

Photo courtesy: UW HCDE

The UCD Workshop Toolkit

I was first hired as a web design volutneer — implementing workshop toolkit on the HCDE K-12 outreach website. But, because I knew the department also gives workshops in areas with limited Internet access, I proposed to design a toolkit booklet — allowing people to lookup references anywhere.

The toolkit content includes steps and meterials to plan, set up, and run each workshop activities. It also includes moderation tips I gathered from the evaluations and feedback from the past workshop educators and participants.

The editorial design was produced on Google Doc so that managing content would be easy for all educators including non-designers who may not own design software such as InDesign.

HCDE K-12 UCD Workshop toolkit booklet selected pages 1
Selected pages of HCDE UCD Workshop Toolkit pt. 1

The Informational Website

The website overviews UCD workshop primarily for people outside of HCDE. I implemented the website once the booklet content is solidified to reduce double work. My knowledge in CSS helped me fix some grid issues during the process.

My outreach team chose the UW brand guidelines and its website template because we believed that easy transition and management was more important than creativity freedom.

HCDE K-12 UCD Workshop website sample
Selected page of the HCDE K-12 website

The first iteration is ready to present to new HCDE outreach volunteers coming up in the next school quarter. As a past outreach volunteer, I enjoyed being able to give impact after graduation. I excited to see feedback for further improvement.